Hoof Walker Natural Trim
Hoof Walker Natural Trim
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Lisa Phelps

Why should my horse be barefoot?
Barefoot horses are better able to feel the ground making them more stable and safer to ride.

Being barefoot allows the hoof mechanism to function properly improving circulation and creating strong new growth.

Being barefoot allows for greatly improved shock absorption and traction.

No more rides spoiled by a thrown shoe.

Healthier hooves = healthier horses.

A natural barefoot trim is much less stressful to your horse than a farrier nailing shoes to your horses feet.

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~ I have 4 horses, 1 full size and 3 minis. M big guy, Telly, has arthritis in his front feet and I was told by my vet that he needed to stay up on his toes. My farrier had stopped listening to me about this and Telly was way back on his heels and not acting like he used to. I started looking for someone else to take care of my horses feet and I heard about Natural Trimming. I did some research and found that Natural Trimming made perfect sense. Lisa's name was given to me.

It has been a little over a year since Lisa has been taking care of my babies and the difference is like night and day. Telly is back up on his toes. He is stretching like a cat again and his feet are nice and round and compact. My minis feet are no longer long and narrow but round and compact as well. My 2 year old colt, Nova, has gone from very long toes and being pigeon toed to having nice little hooves and straight legs. Not only has Lisa taken wonderful care of my horses feet but she is also very affectionate toward them. She scratched them, brings treats and is kind in her movements and actions. Even when they are not behaving the best she remains calm and cool. Telly has even started nickering at her when she arrives. I would highly recommend Natural Trimming with Lisa.
~ Sheri, Mont Vernon, NH

~ We have 7 horses at our farm and Lisa trims them all. I used to have my horses shod because I thought since I did so much trail riding all my horses needed to have shoes. I started using Lisa because I had researched natural trimming and I wanted to give it a try. Lisa suggested to try out using boots since I was concerned about the rough trail terrain I often rode on. All our trail horses were fitted with boots and the first year I used them quite a bit. As all our horses' feet improved, flares went away, their feet rounded and concavity improved, I found I needed the boots far less. After 3 years, I only use boots when I know I'll be riding on really rough, gravel roads. Otherwise, everyone has rock hard feet and they cover trails of any terrian without issue. Having Lisa as our trimmer has been one of the best things we done for our horses! She's wonderful to work with and truly loves the horses she trims.
~ Heather, Chichester, NH

~My horse Dusty was diagnosed with Navicular in February of 2005.
My veterinarian advised me to administer Adaquin shots once a week for a month and to put egg-bar shoes with a 2 degree pad. I put him on every supplement every knowledgeable horse person told me to just hoping to make him sound and feel better.

After about a year of this Dusty was still very sore just standing out in his pasture. Watching him I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I felt awful for him.

I started reading about the Natural Trim and contacted Lisa in November of 2006. When I met Lisa I explained to her all I wanted to do is get Dusty comfortable!!! She looked at me and said not only will he be comfortable but in 6-7 months you will be riding this horse. I thought to myself I will never ride this horse. He is just too sore.

This April (2007) I noticed Dusty getting a little more aggressive out in the pasture, andthen I would put him out in the morning and he would run around and buck!!! Lisa explained that he was starting to feel better and needed to stretch out all those tendons and ligaments so I started hand walking Dusty every day. I told people he was my big dog.

May came and I thought I would just tack him up and take him for a nice, easy ride. But as soon as we hit the trail all he wanted to do was trot and prance around. He was like riding a 3 year old full of energy. Since then I've been riding two to three times a week.

I honeslty cannot thank Lisa for everything. She gave me my horse back!
~ MT - Sandown, NH


I had a good farrier but then moved to a new town and needed to find a farrier closer to my new home. Going on a recommendation from a horse friend I learned about Lisa. She was a natural timmer. I had seen seminars regarding this method and was interested. From the moment Lisa entered the barn I was confident she was going to have a positive effect on both my horses. One is a big guarter horse mare with small feet proned to problems and the other is an insulin resistent shetland who has founded in the past. Too extremes. However, Lisa has been great for both horses. I am pleased with their continued improvement and lack of issues. She listens to the owner while offering gently suggestions if she believes she has something to offer. I look forward to her visits and more importantly so do the horses. They love her.
Louise ~ Danbury, NH

Just wanted to tell you we went out on Ellie and Crickett yesterday. Neither of them stumbled or tripped the entire two hours. You would have sworn they had on shoes with pads. Their feet are so great now that you have been doing their natural hoof care. It is truely amazing!!! Everyone should be doing this for their horses feet. Thank you.
Gail - Belmont, NH

We went on a 5 mile trail ride a couple weeks ago she did some cantering and galloping with absolutely no signs of lameness after!!!! I thought for sure she would be lame for a few days at least!!!! She really took care of me out there, my instructor was impressed, no one could believe she was a free horse!!!! All this natural foot care is REALLY paying off for the BOTH of us!!!! Thank you!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!!!!!!!
Wendy + Casey - W. Newbury, MA

I just wanted you to know that I got on Dora last night for a  walk/light trot down the driveway, I can always “feel how she is feeling better than looking at her.  She felt soooon good, no limping, no tippy toeing.  I don’t have any intentions of doing any long rides in the near future or even doing more than I did last night  but it was good to know she has improved.  Now as long as she doesn’t founder again we will be in good shape this spring.  The vet is coming in April to test her thyroid.
Have a great day and thank you!
TT - Gilmanton, NH