Hoof Walker Natural Trim
Hoof Walker Natural Trim
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Why should my horse be barefoot?
Barefoot horses are better able to feel the ground making them more stable and safer to ride.

Being barefoot allows the hoof mechanism to function properly improving circulation and creating strong new growth.

Being barefoot allows for greatly improved shock absorption and traction.

No more rides spoiled by a thrown shoe.

Healthier hooves = healthier horses.

A natural barefoot trim is much less stressful to your horse than a farrier nailing shoes to your horses feet.

Photo courtesy of Connie Moses
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Hooves, not just another pretty foot.


Photos courtesy: AANHCP Clinic in a Box


From the outside your horses hoof looks big, hard and nearly indestructible. It's what's on the inside that makes the hoof so much more than just a way for your horse to be connected to the ground. Without proper care that same foot can suffer trama causing anything from mild to life threatening damage.

The Hoof Machanism - Have you ever wondered how such a large animal can have such long, slender legs? This is possible in part because the hooves assist the heart in circulating blood. When the hoof is "loaded" or bearing weight the hoof walls push away from each other drawing blood into millions of capillaries within the hoof. In the "flight" stage of movement when weight is lifted off the hoof the walls spring back to their usual position forcing that blood back up the horse's leg. In this amazing way the four hooves provide support to the heart in moving blood through those long limbs. When horses are shod the hoof walls cannot flex as they should and this vital system does not work.

Within your horses hoof are several structures that are all key to his well-being. The sole, frog and digital cushion along with bones, ligaments and tendons provide your horse with superior shock absorption and traction. At the same time, the unshod horse is able to feel the ground making him more stable, confident and sure footed.