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Hoof Walker Natural Trim
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Lisa Phelps

Why should my horse be barefoot?
Barefoot horses are better able to feel the ground making them more stable and safer to ride.

Being barefoot allows the hoof mechanism to function properly improving circulation and creating strong new growth.

Being barefoot allows for greatly improved shock absorption and traction.

No more rides spoiled by a thrown shoe.

Healthier hooves = healthier horses.

A natural barefoot trim is much less stressful to your horse than a farrier nailing shoes to your horses feet.

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Lisa Phelps - Barnstead, NH
Phone 603-435-7130 - Cell 603-848-8602
hoofwalker@metrocast.net * www.hoofwalkernaturaltrim.com

The Natural Trim is based on a 6 week trim cycle. If you are considering a Natural Trim for your horse please plan on becoming part of my six week rotation. This is not only what is best for the horses but allows me to provide the best possible service to my customers.


Maintenance trim
$50.00 for horses
$35.00 minis and small ponies
Travel much farther than an hour may incurr a reasonable fuel surcharge. This will be discussed before appointment is set.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment unless otherwise arranged in advance.

*Drafts - must be able to stand calmly and still while having their feet trimmed.

Boots, hoof casting and additional services priced as needed.


I highly recommend the following reading for anyone whose horses are barefoot and especially for anyone considering making the change to a natural trim.

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You - Pete Ramey
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care - Jaime Jackson

Pete and Ivey Ramey's hoof care website.

American Association of Natural Horse Care Practitioners (AANHCP)