Hoof Walker Natural Trim
Hoof Walker Natural Trim
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Lisa Phelps

Why should my horse be barefoot?
Barefoot horses are better able to feel the ground making them more stable and safer to ride.

Being barefoot allows the hoof mechanism to function properly improving circulation and creating strong new growth.

Being barefoot allows for greatly improved shock absorption and traction.

No more rides spoiled by a thrown shoe.

Healthier hooves = healthier horses.

A natural barefoot trim is much less stressful to your horse than a farrier nailing shoes to your horses feet.

Photo courtesy of Connie Moses
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The Natural Trim ~ One of the best things you will ever do for your horse.

Did you know that your horse has the ability to grow the perfect hoof for him? His general health, diet, environment and the amount of movement he gets dictate the strength and health of his foot. Just look at the hooves of wild mustangs. They are rock hard and allow those animals to move across all types of terrain sure footedly and pain free. Click on the "Form and Function" tab above to learn how the hoof really works.

Our domesticated horses don't travel the 20 or so miles each day that wild horses do. They don't wear their feet down like the wild horses do and must be cleaned and trimmed by us. The Natural Trim is based on studies of the wild horse hoof. Those animals provide us with the perfect example of how a horses' healthy foot should look and perform as nature intended. If we provide the proper diet, living environment, plenty of exercise and a consistent Natural Trim we find our domesticated horses developing feet very much in line with their wild cousins' feet. Click on the "The Natural Trim" tab above to learn more about how this trimming method works.

Right now you may be saying to yourself, "But my horses' feet are really bad. They will never grow right." Before you give up on that animal who is counting on you click on "Before and After Photos" and "Testimonials" . There are a lot of reasons a horse's feet can become damaged and one really great way to get him back on healthy, sound hooves ~ the Natural Trim.

And finally, if you have questions or would like to schedule an assessment of your horse please, call or send me an e-mail. I will get back to you promptly. Just click on "Contacts & Resources".